Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I cannot believe it is already April, and well in to April at that. We have spent the past few days at the beach, more about that later. I hadn't realized how long it has been since I posted. So...I am going to see about catching up a bit.

First of all, I have to show one more photo of embossing the butterfly.

I think this turned out just awesome. I did a double embossing on this. First I stamped the butterflies then embossed with gold. Then, I took some Perfect Pearls by Ranger Ink and mixed a tine bit of powder with water and brushed it in. It can be used by heat set or activated by water. I did shoot the heat on it to dry it a bit faster. I really like the effect ink embossing gives.

One more view.

Speaking of views, I just love my new camera. More on that in a minute.

Okay, so I told you we went camping at the beach. The beach we went to is a cross between mountains (as in big trees, lots of plant life, lots of shade) and the usual beach stuff (sand, rocks, ocean) which I like a lot. Am the only one that likes it there though, because you do have to walk a bit to get to the beach. Not really far, but the other campground we stay at you are right on the beach. There your camp site is a space in a paved parking area. Yes you have your table, fire pit, electricity and water, but it is still just like a parking lot, literally space next to space. Where we went is called El Capatain, and it has larger sites, no water or electricity, but you aren't right on top of each other either and nice cool shade from all the trees. One thing I didn't like was how restrictive they have gotten. Mainly, the rule about no generator after 8:00PM. Once it is dark on the beach, there is just nothing else to do but watch a movie or something. Each night we no sooner got started watching a movie than we had to turn it off because we had to turn off the generator. But, I did have some fun of my own while the my daughter and her friend, and hubby too, went and played in the water. I like the beach, but don't get in the water. No, not because it is cold as ice, just can't stand not seeing what is beside me. Same way about rivers or lakes. I know, weird, just is. Wasn't always that way, just seemed to happen in my 30's for some reason. I also have gotten more claustrophobic in small dark places, like caves, but love to hang out in my own room as much as possible. But, back on track, so to speak. My trip was spent taking photos of low tide with the new camera and doing some scrapping.

I started by just doing a little prep work. I wanted to play with my Cricut, and since the generator time was limited, wanted to have some paper ready to go. I took different bright colors and cut the 8 1/2 X 11 cardstock in half and made two 8 1/2 X5 1/2 pieces. I folded part of them in to cards ready to be worked on, then saved the other part for running through the Cricut.

I then did a similar thing with the white, except that I had a couple of projects in mind so first they are 8 X 8 inch squares, then I turned the scraps into 3 1/2 x 6 inch strips, even saved the 1/2 inch cuts which I used as tabs in my file folder. Have a section for cards, strips, 8 X 8 squares, scraps, holidays, birthdays, Christmas, and finished. I then started playing with the Cricut and am making a journal of sorts with and example of each cut, the special effects, noted the size and differences as I did. It is great, I can now look at the journal to see if I can get the effect I want or what I can make with the cartridges I have with out having to pull out the book or trying to read the button pad guide with out my glasses (which I have misplaced) and know before I get started which one I am going to use. Kind of hand to know which parts the layer effect will produce, and which ones do not work well with a smaller size.

Along those same lines, I took the 3 1/2 inch strips of white and made a sample set of all the punches I have and different styles of scissors. Using the colored card stock I punched an example of each and glued on the result, both negative and positive image, so I can know what I have and don't have. Will post those journals when I am finished. Am going to do the same with my Sizzix sets. Which I bought more of today, they are on sale at JoAnn's, which I am just a bit perturbed at for the way they are running their sale on Cricut cartridges. At any rate, I did have some fun.

Now, so you know that I didn't just sit in the trailer the whole time, here is photo I took of my daughter with a starfish we found at low tide.

The starfish was not harmed in anyway and was put back exactly where it was found. I have a a lot of starfish photos from this trip, even took a couple of shots that I plan on printing out large size to use as backgrounds on some pages. I realized that I could only print 8 X 10, so may make an 8 X 8 book for the trip, but then remembered that I could take the file somewhere and have it printed as well. And, as I said earlier, I am loving this camera. It has a panorama function that stitches three shots together. I need to get a bit better at matching my shots, but I will end tonight by leaving you this photo I took of our view. I have to get up and go back to work so am calling it a night.

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