Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ATC Attempt

I am dropping in for a quick post before I go to work. Things have been so chaotic around here I have not had much time to do anything but what was needed.

Last night I came across this really neat blog site.
She had a photo tutorial of making a waterfall ATC card. I love the great photos that step you through the process, but sure could have used a bit more description with the photos. NOTE: The blog owner has since added some brief descriptions of the steps. THANK YOU SO MUCH, it has been very helpful. So, I played around a bit and made my first paper ATC.

This is a scan, so it looses the full effect, I did take a couple of photos but my battery died and I cannot seem to get rid of a strange shadow in the bottom corner of the image, no matter how I position myself with the lighting. I am hoping I can crop out that part, but it will have to wait until after work.

Last night the waterfall part was working well, but this morning it is not. Since there was only photos to follow, I did muck it up a bit. First of all, it is all upside down. But I think it came out well for the first attempt. Got to rush to work.

Here are two more photos of the card.


  1. Very cool indeed! You're really inspiring me with all your projects. Nice work!

  2. I added descriptions (thought the pictures were enough.) Sorry they weren't. Feel free at anytime to e-mail with questions. I'm here to help!


  3. Jennifer,

    Your site is great, I am just unable to think far enough ahead in any process to see the out come. I would never have even thought about trying this if not for your great photos. Thanks to your site, I will doing this more often and am planning on adding it to a few of my layouts and even a card or two. Thanks for publishing your site.

  4. Hi Dianna This is so cool for you first ATC. Very well done...... you Rock hugs Cat

  5. these are adorable. love the bright colors and your other idea about the punches is AWESOME, I may have to steal it! Thanks for following my blog.