Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Journal Of Sorts

I thought I would drop in and let everyone know what I have been up to. Not really much at all, have not been feeling well. The energy to work on anything is just not there. It will come back, it always does. Such is the life with Lupus and Fibro.

In the mean time, since I went on a rather nice...little, yeah that's the word, just in case hubby reads this, it was a small shopping spree. Well...Colorado is small compared to Texas. Back to the point, I spent some time sorting through all the things I bought. I took the stamps and stamped an image in my wire bound journal, noting the maker of each stamp and name when I found one. Most of them don't have one on it. I also made a sample ring of sorts for all the punches I have. I took white card stock and squares of color card stock using the colored squares for each different punch. Now I can flip through it to find which punch I have have and exactly what size it is.

I am working on a chipboard album, not really liking it too much, but more so than it was yesterday. I think that by the time I get the photos on it, then add a few more embellishments it will be okay. I am learning a lot, have the letters to make a second album, should have practiced on the second one. I will post more about it next time.

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