Thursday, March 5, 2009

The saga continues

Well, went to the first scrapbooking class...only they were cancelled. Seems I am the only one to sign up. The scrapbook store Moments In Time near the house is the greatest though. They rescheduled my classes for next month and on a better night of the week so that worked out for the better. Also, one of the ladies that work there really knows her Cricut and was so very helpful with my problem. Last night I was very happy to discover after trying the things she suggested that the problem was a broken blade. Thankfully very minor. I was very afraid that it was the pressure or cutting mechanism, or something more electronic, and would have to get the machine replaced. I tried all the things that the wonderfully helpful lady had suggested. I could tell the differences in what I tried, so learned a little bit about the settings and how they work. She was so friendly and kept telling me to just play with the Cricut when I got home. I mean this point, if it was broken of defective, what would have mattered. I could tell from changing the settings that while it should have cut deeper, the tip of blade was disappearing from sight (and I had it on the #6 setting) then noticed it tear the paper instead of cut. That was a familiar problem to me from my quilting. The blade was too dull to cut. Now, I am not sure if I have to buy a new housing unit or if I can just buy the blade, or possible the blade is just inserted wrong from the previous user. You a way it kind of gripes my back side that I paid full price for a machine that was returned. But then...there is the bonus cartridge, I have it home, and at a substantial savings over buying it new from the craft store...think I still come out ahead on this one. At any rate, I removed the cutter unit from the new personal Cricut and inserted it in the new Expression. Logically, if I was right in my thinking, then it would have the same problems with the second cutter unit. Which I did not. I inserted the cutter unit, loaded up the cutting mat, keyed in my preferences, and that was that. Now to get the Expression's original cutter unit replaced so my Personal new small one can cut as well.

I went to Michael's on the way home to purchase art supplies for my oldest son, for his art class at the local college, and saw their stampbooking and cardmaking supplies offerings. GOOD GRIEF I think I have officially overdosed on the sight. I pushed myself past the aisles to get out of there before buying it all. And they did have aisles of it. Art supplies such as charcoal vine and drawing pads were the smallest supply I have seen. Honestly, he is quite good at his drawings, so much so that a couple of them I hope to scan and use before he gets rid of them. By the way...anyone know a good source for drawing supplies, sketch pads, and such online? If so, please let me know.

I will be kind of MIA for the next few days. Hubby has us meeting another couple...whole I have never met...for some week end dessert riding so won't be home until Sunday some time.

Okay, have to show it, you now I do.

This is my little buddy Kit.

I still just can't imagine the cold heart that could just dump this sweetheart on the road in the middle of nothing. A road which has an extensive amount of traffic to dodge and each morning is littered with the remains of those poor animals that did not make it out of the way.

I just had to type that three times to make any logical sense out of it. Nodding off to sleep as I type, legs are freezing, so am off to jump in a nice warm bath, then bed. If I hurry, I can get 5 hours of sleep before I have to get up and start it all over again.

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