Monday, March 2, 2009


Okay, boxed up the little Cricut cutter to take it back to JoAnn's and get the Cricut Expression. Why? I have no idea, it isn't like I have actually figured out how to use the thing. Oh such a wondrous thing it is too. I put it in the car and headed out, thinking about that nagging little one line in the sale ad. Bonus cartridge was only included if you bought it online. Also was thinking about the clerk telling me that they don't carry the Cricut Expression machines or the cartridges in stock, but can order them at any time. But...I want it now. So, suddenly, the car came to a stop and I found myself at Walmart. I had seen the Expression there first, is where the little bug starting biting me to start up scrapbooking, and just Friday had seen that they had two left, one with bonus cartridges, the other with out...and $10 cheaper for everyday price than the sale price at JoAnn's. I had already bought the little tool kit, found that I really needed that when I played with the little one. So, in I went with my head telling me that if I was meant to get the Expression at all it would still be there. It was there.

I know, obviously it was a return. I opened it up with the sales lady looking on to see if it was all there. I found the machine, tape still over door. Power cord, manual, two cartridges, cutting mat which didn't look like it had gone through the machine. So, all was well. One cartridge had been opened. The book and keypad cover was all there, so no worry. I can always bring it back if it doesn't work. So, off I go with my new purchase, in the car and down the street to JoAnn's.

I honestly wanted to take the cheaper little one back. I headed that way. The car just wouldn't make it. Instead, I drove toward the BBQ place to satisfy my craving only to find that they had gone out of business. No I am not pregnant, just fat thank you. At any rate, the weighing of the pros and cons of both machines started up in my head.

Cricut Personal Cutter Pros:
1. Small on space, easy to carry along
2. Inexpensive so to speak
3. Easier to learn for a beginner
4. The same machine the scrapbook store lets customers use for classes and Saturday crops.
5. Smaller cutting capabilities great for quick projects.

Cricut Personal Cutter Cons:
1. Small cutting area

Cricut Expression Pros:
1. Larger work area - opens up more projects
2. Few more design abilities

Cricut Expression Cons:
1. Cost way more
2. Size doesn't lend to easy travel
3. A little more intimidating for a beginner.

The way I see it, kind of like having a table saw and a hand saw. Both get the job done, how long it takes depends on the job. You know, if your are building a house then you want a good table saw. If you are building a fence, the handsaw is just fine.

I came home, promptly set it up, promptly realized I hadn't a clue. First, had a little trouble getting it to feed paper or mat in the proper way. Then, I only had 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock. So right away loaded some up and ruined the first two attempts. Then...I figured this or that out and soon had a page full of flowers. The second page would be a different color and smaller in size. Got one row of flowers cut, the the blade quit going through to cut. I know the machine was a little used, the blade was already set up. But will be looking at getting a new blade now. It came with a little DVD to show me all it can do, but couldn't watch it on the computer, some kind of something to make it run is not available . Oh well, guess You Tube will be my teacher. Of course...could take the brand new blade off the Personal cutter and install it in the Expression. I will be having some fun though figuring out the settings and such.

We will be gone for the weekend again. For this short of trip will not even take much to work on either. We have all been sick, some more than others, that I have just not gotten a thing done that I needed to. I still need to create my menu plans, update that blog, get laundry done, and all the while put in my hours at work.

If you are reading this, feel free to voice your opinion on the Cricut. Good or bad. Tell me your number one stand by book that you would not give up that deals with Scrapbooking.

I am nodding off as I type, need to take some meds, and am freezing so need to take a warm bath. Enjoyed the little visit, please let me know you were here and come back any time.

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  1. Congrats on your Cricut! Once you get to playing with it, it won't be so overwhelming! I was the same way. Keep looking at YouTube videos!
    Funny you should say that it quit cutting. I seriously doubt it's your blade. Is it going through the motion, but not touching the paper? That is what mine ended up doing not too long after I got it (Expressions model). Something went wrong with the pressure for the blade. Long story short, I ended up calling provo craft and they did send me a new machine. Mine was purchased online and they didn't give me any problems whatsoever. Just a clue on how long the blade will last....I've been using mine since June last year (maybe just a few times each month), but have cut quite a bit on my original blade and it's still going strong! One more word of advice - after you use your mat a bunch, wipe it down with a baby wipe to remove any oil buildup and paper residue. Some of my mats wouldn't hold anything and I wiped them down and now they are good as new! When you wipe, you need to apply pressure as you go along the surface of the mat. You will see all the gunk come off onto the wipe. Good luck!
    Connie in cold, cold Indiana!!