Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pieces filling in

Well, life is like a big jigsaw puzzle. At the moment, I feel like I finally have two of the border edges all in place. You know, those pieces you know will go together and you know that they go along the edge so you build the outer edge border first then start filling in the pieces until you finally get to the middle and it all fits.

That is how I feel about my scrapping and stamping, it is a new adventure.

As I posted earlier, I bought some paper supplies. Although that might have been kind of like trying to put the middle of the puzzle together first. Then, I bought some nice toys like the Cricut and Big Kick, a Xyron as well. Except I don't know what to do with that either. Photos I have in over abundance.

On that note, this last camping trip my camera took like three photos and killed the batteries, then about two more and killed the second set. This is not a good thing. I did some looking around and found a great deal and now have a new camera.

This is an image I snagged from the website. It has all the things I want for the kind of photography I have planned. I'm not going to earn extra income photographing events, just want to save some images of things we do and see as a family to put in to scrapbook pages. After all that is the new adventure.

It takes awesome photos to, will post some of those at the end of the post. But I am going to have some fun with this little baby.

The other news is that I got my confirmation today, I am now officially a Stampin Up demonstrator. They are a rubber stamp and supply company. I should get my start up kit any day and that will be a lot of fun to play with. I love the look of rubber stamped cards and on some scrapbook pages I have seen. I just hope to be able to learn some of the basic techniques. The great thing with Stampin Up is while there isn't a lot of step by step instruction, they do have technique sheets which show some great ideas.

On another road of thought, so to speak, this is some really hectic times and am having to really do some soul searching lately and find some ways to put my very abstract life back in to some type of order. Not necessarily normal or traditional, but maybe what would be normal or ordered for me. Something that works for me. More important makes me work with and for my family. This week end the goal is to clean and organize. Like I haven't planned that before. I need to work on my menu plans and get some written down. I need to do laundry and as well as putting it up instead of the huge pile on the end of the bed, spilling down on the floor. You get the idea. The household is falling apart and I am overwhelmed with it all. Not my best way to work. I is to the point that it is not just a goal, but an essential task, to get organized. Oh that work, organizing, sounds so grand, so hard to achieve. I have to though, it has come to be that I will be busy almost every night of the week and if we are to get fed, clean dishes and clean unders, I have to get my head on straight. Which, between work the new round of physical therapy and my sweet wonderful neighbor being terminal, it is totally so overwhelming. Monday night is First Place at church, a weight management bible study, right after work. Tuesday is physical therapy, having to leave work a half hour early for that which is not going over well with work. Wednesday is daughter's confirmation night, her lessons start almost as soon as I get home from work and get her to the church, no time for supper so the plan is to crock pot it that night, or make ahead dishes from the freezer. Thursday is daughter's ice skating lessons, which hubby thankfully drives her to, and will be the other PT session. Friday is "I just want to sit and think about nothing, do nothing" evening. I know, you get the picture, you can see why I have to get my act together as far as the household goes.

On a lighter note, on Saturday, my daughter was involved in a vintage fashion show. I just have to show her off, the photos are really bad quality, but think you can get the idea.

This my girl in an original 1940's dress. Doesn't she look like she just stepped out of the Walton's? Remember that show? John, Olivia, their children telling each other good night every evening. Granpa getting frisky with granma. Not to mention the Baldwin sisters and their papa's recipe.

I do believe life was simpler then, not so insane. I have ancestors, as do all of us, that lived through those rough times. It made a proud, strong, country.

By the way, the hat was my mom's. Not sure it is correct for the vintage aspect, but my girl J had some fun wearing it.

Now this is the offering for the 50's. I wish my camera had worked a little better. She was so much cuter than this photo shows. Another one of my mom's hats as well, but you know, she does kind of remind you of June Cleaver, Mrs. Anderson, or even Harriet Nelson. If I had worn a 50's outfit, it would have had to be something Aunt Bea would have worn. Well, there was that plump cousin that came to care for the Walton's while Olivia went to get well from TB or such.

I should have lived in the old days, the pioneer days, with the long dresses and aprons. I could have given Mrs. Olsen a run for her money on the "Prairie" to be sure. Of course, I would have looked like Jethereen Bodine (Beverly Hillbillies - Jethro's sister).
More likely, would look like Hoss Cartwright in drag.

Okay, now I am going to leave you with some photos of flowers I took with my new camera.

Guess that is all I can load with blogger, it has stopped playing nice for the evening. I will post a photo from the panorama view next time.

Until next time, I am off to bed.

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