Friday, May 8, 2009

Mini Album Class

I told you about the class that I was on the waiting list for which I ended up getting to go to because they had a cancellation. Well, I went and learned to make a mini album.

This is a view of it all closed up. The whole thing folds up and a ribbon ties it shut and it slides in to the box.

When it is pulled out and opened up, it has several places to put small photos, big tags that pull out of pockets can be used for photos or sentiments. It isn't quite finished yet as I still need to add a bit of glitter or something to the center of the flowers and around the butterflies. Which by the way are punched out of the brown print paper and turned to the opposite side which is a vanilla color.

Now, I will post some photos of it opened up so you can see what the whole thing looks like.

It was fun to do and I ordered three of the blank albums before the class ended.

I still do not understand why they do not give out printed directions to a project. I know that there are several customers that sign up for the class and then do not show up, they just pay for it to get the kit. The store is still selling a product, whether it be the kit or something we need during the class. Like I did, running out of glue runner (barely opened) and so pay for a refill and promptly used up all of that one. We did get photo copies (black & white) of the finished project so that we could see what to put where. However, all the papers where pre-cut for us and there was no printed directions to help in making additional ones. I do however have the one I made to measure from for the next ones. By the way, if you know of a source (preferably cheap one) that carries these type of albums please let me know where it is.

I have to say though, I learned a great tip from one of the other ladies taking the class. It has to do with glue dots. You know, those little round things that look like contact lens, sticky on both sides? I know I am new to this, so laugh if you like, but would peel one off an then stick it to the piece I wanted to attach to the project, peel it off of my finger (well most of it anyway) and then stick it to the project. This was just frustrating enough to make me want to give up on them all together. But, the lady showed me to attach the piece I am wanting to glue directly on to the circle of glue while still on the roll. Then pull the piece off and the glued piece is ready to attach. It really does work. OH MY GOSH, after I learned that I was a glue dot fool to attach the flowers to the pages. Now, to finish up with the glitter glue and some photos.

I am keeping this one, as I said, not only for myself, but for a guide for future projects as well. Now for a few things I learned from last night.

1. I do not like the bling that that looks like tiny diamonds strung together and shaped in to a design. If pulled off the plastic sheet too quickly it loves to twist all up and around, totally loosing the design and then breaking off.

2. Either I use way too much glue runner at a time or I need to find a cheaper source for the refills. I used my Xyron (shaped like an X) to glue all the leaves. Oh my, so fast and easy.

I am once again nodding off as I write and still need to head to the shower. Tomorrow I have to buy a bill of groceries and household items, plan out some meals, do just enough cleaning while I play with my new arrivals to make it look like I am working. Hubby will be stripping off the existing "shake shingle" roof to build a new one that is not. For one, shake or wooden shingles have become almost impossible to insure. It will take him quite some time to accomplish this, but by doing the work our selves is saving us literally thousands of dollars.

Okay, have crossed over to the ramble stage of tiredness so I am stopping here for today. I will post more projects when I have them this week end.


  1. Beautiful album, I agree on thet you should have gotten instructions and a template for it so that you can use it again! =)
    Hugs, Elenor (Just cards)

  2. Have you asked them about an instruction sheet? I really don't understand that as I *always* provide one, even for the simplest card I teach in workshops.

    As for glue, I use Herma (may be called Dotto in the US) and although it's not cheap, I wouldn't give it up... but I have learned that it's not necessary to put it all over the thing I'm adhering. Usually just a bit in the corners and maybe a single quick swipe down the middle is all that's required.