Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a few thoughts

Okay, no new photos of the great projects I have finished, haven't finished anything. I had every intention, but with the temps in the triple digits around here, just haven't had the energy to do much of anything.

I did however manage to get my grandson's birthday card made. I got it all sealed up the package all taped and ready to mail. I forgot to take a picture, forgot to put my little "handmade for you" stamp on it, but it is read for the mail. Should have been in the mail a week ago.

On a brighter note, hit a sidewalk sale, more like a yard sale as it was all personal booths as opposed to business booths. WOW...did I clean up. I got an assortment of doodads and the best buys in the whole thing was the carry cases and a tote that is the perfect size for my little cricket. Lots of neat dies, embossing plates, papers and a book. Some other stuff as well. I also had a couple of Michael's coupons for 40% off that expired on Sat. so of course I had to use them or loose them. I bought a Sizzix Sidekick to hang out with my Big Kick. I really debated on whether I really needed the cute little Sidekick, but it is sure nice for the smaller dies and embossing plates so I can do a small project with out pulling out the Big Kick. I had a blast playing with it this afternoon making samples of all the plates and dies I bought as well as the embosslits I recently purchased from Sizzix. I AM SO HOOKED on the Big Kick and my Cricuts. I also bought a new punch, it is a pop up punch of a butterfly. Sooo cool, the butterflies wings are free to pop up but the body is attached. Kind of limited with what I can do with it, but a really delicate touch to a card.

Speaking of cards, here is my little rant for the evening. I have mentioned before about the lack of printed instructions with the classes I have taken at the local scrapbooking store, especially the "make and take". I paid for my daughter (12) to take a cardmaking class. Five cards were to be made, sets for the 5 cards were included. You know, the papers and embellishments. All pre-cut, ready to go. Well, she was able to get three of them completed. The other ladies were all...older in years...compared to my daughter and I noticed that they were asking for the directions to finish their cards. They were told to come back to the store the next day and the instructor would be there to help them finish. I asked about buying a kit for the class so I could make the cards at home later, which they were all to happy to oblige me with (cost the same as the price of the class) and told that I could come down and look at the cards any time I needed to finish them. A little later I asked one of the employees of the store why there wasn't any printed directions. I have taken my share of quilting classes, all of which included the printed directions or pattern for the class project so you could make it again. As I started thinking about it, all the quilting magazines include the written directions and supply requirements for every featured project. I have noticed that the cardmaking magazines list the supplies, then tell you what to do, but absolutely no size or dimension information. The employee explained to me, off the record, the reason for no printed instructions was simple, and it just drove her crazy for an instructor to even give out a photo copy of the project as well, the reason was that every time there is a class or make and take project that has had written directions with in days the project ends up as a display sample at the competitor store. You know, I could understand if there was a patented technique or such, but I know these things are not the personal work of these people. No new technique that no one else has done. I just think that if I am paying that much money to come learn how to make a card or album that I should be able to have the details - the measurements for the cut pages, the size of a punch used - so I can make it again if I like the project. Do the rest of you find this to be the way of your classes?

Okay, I am over it. Down off the soap box. On to other subjects.

Which by the way, reminds me. As you can tell by my postings, I have been on a shopping frenzy trying to get my supplies built up so I can make most anything I see that strikes an interest in my mind. I do believe that the shopping has concluded. Of course I will have to shop to replenish what I use in making something, but the expensive things are pretty much all taken care of. Except for SCAL, Cricut cartridges, maybe even a Slice. I must admit that last week end I did purchase a Disney cart for the Cricut while I could get it on sale for 29.99 feeling that I had to get at least one Disney set. You know, to go with my Disney stash, even if I'm not really big in to the whole Disney thing, but it's growing on me. How do I know my supplies are pretty much all set you ask? I bought a recent publication for cardmaking, can't find it at the moment to give the name, but two projects that I really liked listed the supplies and I actually have them all, including dies and punches, already purchased. So, can make them right here at home.

AND...that has been my goal. Now to finish a couple of projects in the works and maybe even look at getting in to a couple of swaps as well. I had a really rough night last night, was about 4:30 am before I was able to sleep, so I am calling it a night. I will post more when I have something to show. You know I can't just not post a photo though, so I will leave you with how our afternoon went.
Both of these are our rescued buddies and we were completely surprised to have them both just climb aboard so to speak. My daughter would kill me for this photo, but it is just too cute.

Oh yeah, and by the way, I did purchase something for myself that is totally unrelated to crafts. I bought a Nintendo DS hand held game system that I can carry and play at work during lunch. The office in the middle of nowhere and several of my co-workers have been spending lunch hour playing "Animal Crossing" a silly kids game that is kind of fun. I did however buy a crossword game for it as well.

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