Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daughter's Room

Guess with all the talk about the room should show some photos of it.

We have the shelves up, but not the name on the wall yet. I will be doing that later on as have had to prioritize the little jobs so I can get the big jobs done on time.

Everyone that has seen the room has commented on how good the closet curtains look. I am glad she wanted to take out the doors, I can swap them out for the ones in the sewing room. The ones from her new room are in much better shape.

This is the opposite wall from the window.
and the portion of wall that is set back a bit above it to form what is called a planters shelf we did in dark purple as an accent.

Well, the closet is dry now. Why paint the inside of a closet which no one but me will see is beyond me. I am claustrophobic to begin with so finally gave up caring if the corners didn't quite get enough paint. Just spent about 2 hours loading drivers on daughter's laptop for the printer, ate a bite, so now am ready to go make room to start stripping the wallpaper. OH JOY!

Check in later with progress.

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