Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home to Chaos

I am finally home and sitting in the middle of true chaos. We went to Texas to finish up my mother's move here to California. OH MY WHAT a job. I knew it would be tough, but thought that the majority of the items left behind when we moved her in November was pretty much all staying there. A lady is doing an estate sale and will be taking care of everything left behind. We ended up filling every inch, every nook and cranny, of a U-Haul trailer again. I sure wanted to take one of my mom's couches and dining room table, but there was absolutely no room. We were loaded to the hilt with memories. I admit, several of the boxes are mine that I claimed, but I just couldn't let go of that beautiful depression ware, and mom couldn't let go of things she got when she was in grade school.

I am really happy to have the ceramic figures I had painted for my dad over the years. I had traded mom for her computer desk. We brought the one from her house that she likes so much. Planned on putting it in son's room, but there is just no way it will go in there at the moment. He has this big desk and needs it there until I buy a chest of drawer for his TV to sit on. Understand, this is the big flat screen TV we bought him for Christmas, which is never in his room because he has it at his friends apartment, which is where he lives most of the time anyway. But back to the point. I pulled out the couches and cleaned well behind them. WOW my little dog is bigger pack rat nester than I am. When I got it all back in place, the corner computer desk that I got from mom fits perfectly in that corner. Two of the figures are still in a box and when I get them out and set up I will post a photo of them.

I am considering renting a small storage space for a few months until I can have a garage sale. I have boxes of items to sale that are in the storage building in the back yard and now have several boxes of things that I brought from mom's. I need to go through my cabinets and sort them out to make room for the new stuff. I am both excited and dreading this job. Excited to have the things, both the memory items and the functional items. Wish I had gotten some of those cookie sheets. I have found that I have neglected my cooking skills for so long that I will have to work at getting them back. Meals have been severely lack luster, but eatable. I will work on that.

My little dog Kit is acting a bit...strange since our return. Last night he laid down in the bed with Buster (mom's dog that we took over) and went to sleep. Normally they both go get in bed with hubby when he goes to bed, so fully expected to loose them when I got up to retrieve my current crochet project. But, no they never budged. When daughter went to bed, she picked up the dog bed, with both dogs still curled up, and took it to her room. I sat in the living room and crocheted for a while, just worn out. Finally after a bit just gave up and took a bath and went on to bed. I guess I was more tired than I thought, because my son came home and then left and I never even heard him. That is just not normal for me. I usually hear everything. Guess that not only has the physical aspects of the past week caught up to me, the emotional ones has too. I think the emotional can be more draining sometimes. And yesterday I had an emotional melt down...may be why I was so tired...over a stupid chair. Mom brought an old recliner when she first moved here. It was the chair my dad always sat in. I was going to store it at my oldest son's apartment until the fall when I take over my youngest son's bedroom. Well, oldest son had problems with having to look at the chair because it was his grandfather's. My "always right" husband informed him that he was wrong about the chair, even got in to a heated argument with younger son about it. Later I found some photos of mom's house and the chair, showed it to hubby and told him he owed son an apology. Long story short, I couldn't leave the chair at oldest son's so now it sits in my van.

Okay, I have rambled on long enough. I need to get done with the computer and get started on the kitchen cabinets so I can get rid of what I don't want, put up what I do want.

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  1. I can totally relate about the emotional stress of getting rid of your parents' belongings. It broke my heart to get rid of Mom's but there was no way to get it back to England from Florida. It would have cost so much more than it was worth, so I just crammed as much small stuff as I could possibly jam in a suitcase. I shed more than a few tears in that process!