Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life is looking better.

Life is looking better. It has been a really long time since I have posted anything, it is totally disgraceful. is looking better. March 26 will be my last day at work. OH IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE MY HAPPY DANCE. The countdown has begun so let me bring you up to date.

The last week of March is our Spring Break, we will be driving back to Texas to do a couple of repairs to my mom's house and put it on the market. We moved her here to Bako and she has a nice apartment in a retirement community. She is really liking it and I hope that this trip doesn't change that. I do so enjoy her being close and when I am not working it will be nice to spend time with her.

However, that also means that the finances will have to be drastically tightened as while I was working I picked up a car payment. I ACCEPT this challenge however in order to stay home as long as financially possible. I will be spending the first part of my "retirement" creating some menu plans and doing some bulk cooking or cooking ahead. Now, one might ask why cook ahead if I am going to be home? Simple, so I can spend time on other things, like catching up on house cleaning and hobbies. OH HOW I HAVE missed my hobbies. Also, once a month cooking, also called quantity cooking or bulk cooking is the absolute best way to cut the household expenses. When the menu plans are created...and utilized...there is no impulse buying. It is all planned out and only the items needed for that meal are bought. Also, my freezer and pantry is over flowing so I have a wonderful stock pile to work from. I am low on beef, but there is tons of everything else. I also plan to utilize Angel Food Ministries to keep out of the grocery store so much. I also look forward to getting back in to weekly bible study and quilt group.

I will start cleaning this house room by room and purging to the hilt the clutter and excess. Then, will have a massive yard sale. I will be bringing some things from mom's house that I just can't let go to strangers. This will also help get the house ready for the big move this fall. Not that we are moving, my oldest son is moving off to school. I have grand plans for his room. New paint, new flooring, and some work stations for various crafts. I will be getting my machines out of the closet and set up for use. I miss my quilting and machine embroidery so very much and actually hope to make up a few things to try and sell online or by word of mouth. Craft shows are really hard to get space at around here. I will need to get my embroidery machine out next month though as I have found a deep purple window pane shirt to machine embroidery some red hat designs on and hope to have it finished by Mother's Day to give mom. Also, I have a scrapbook project that I started for Mother's Day last year and still sits unfinished. Oh man, when I come back from Texas I will have all the photos. I spent an insane amount of money setting myself up to scrapbook, then got side tracked on other projects and all of that is put away as well. Also, I have some quilt projects and crochet projects as I have a new grand baby, a boy, coming the first part of August. I kind of expect it a little earlier, but will be happy to meet him when ever he gets here and send daily prayers that he is healthy and everything goes alright.

I have also been facing some health problems and that is the what has caused this change in working. For now the main part, the heart problems, is being treated very well with medications. However, when they did a scan of the heart they found a hernia and that problem is still being worked on. So, wait on doctors, wait on results, soon it will be worked out.

We also have taken in my mom's dog, a Jack Russell mix, and he is really funny to be around. He gets along well with Kit and the other dogs so that is the good thing.

Okay, new employment situation, new grand baby, new plans in the work for the hobbies, new plans for organizing the house, new budget to work with, new dog, guess that pretty much sums it all up for this update.

I am off to try for a fourth time to figure out this "easy - beginner" crochet pattern.

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  1. So wonderful to see you blogging again, selfishly so I can keep up with what's happening on your side of the world. Welcome back and congrats on ridding yourself of the stressful job.