Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Okay, am being a little over dramatic, but hey, that is where my life is at the moment. Well, feels that way at any rate.

Time is short, but made a goal of updating the old blog, well one of my goals for the month any way, so here is a short and to the point version of my usually long winded rambles. So, take a gulp of what ever is in your cup (mine is full of water after 5...yeah me...uh mm, if I am at home) and take a bite of your favorite delight (watching my bites carefully these days as I attempt to retrain my thoughts on food) and settle in for the storm that passes as quickly as if I were back in West Texas.

Okay, I get philosophical when I have had a little adult drink (okay, I admit it, it has too be in my genes from some where but I am a total light weight when it comes to alcohol...I'd make a cheap drunk for sure) or in tonight's case, worn out sleep deprived. It has been a hard few months physically but more so emotionally.

Now, the updates.

I have completed cleaning out my freezer, fridges (yes plural - I have two) and my pantry. Even though I already had enough on hand to feed a small army - well at least this family - for about 3 months, I went grocery shopping and spent $260.00 for more. In my defense, the bulk of it was in actual grocery items (produce, meat) and hardly any prepared items. I was tickled to death to find a brisket. A REAL brisket, not the little butcher trimmed fits on a dinner plate style this area is known for either. No sir, a REAL TRUE BRISKET, which I wish had been at the Texas price from the Super Walmart - WHICH WE STILL HAVE NOT GOT OPEN HERE. I get distracted easily, wondering off on little side excursions, so just do your best to follow along, there is a point in it somewhere. Now that I have done the cleaning out and organizing, I can move on to planning the menus. It really works great if you can make yourself sit down and go through the heavy thought process of creating and then putting it on paper (I know, it is only a matter of typing it in to a computer) to make it real, validate it so to speak. For some reason, I need (am compelled strongly) to write things out. List for this, or that, things to do or buy. So, expect for the week end of Sept. 18, after doing all the cleaning and buying, I do not intend to eat out or order in any meals. Am even taking lunches to work, until later this month when I get my box from Angel Food Ministries. More on that topic another night though. I have a stack of cookbooks and pages of recipes to try in order to change things up in the kitchen a bit. I find, the day is just not long enough for my grand style plans. But, I will prevail. Some day.

Goals for the week:
1. Plan menus using what is on hand.
2. Drink more water.
3. Play games less.
4. Get the laundry done.
5. Complete one scrapbook project.

1. Will work on this during lunch hours, of course am taking my bag with me to work on while I sit out the day waiting to be called for jury duty. Wednesday is a pretty calm night around here so I plan to do some extra cooking tomorrow evening to just be pulled out and heated for the evening meals.

2. Self explanatory here, need to loose more weight and live healthier. Water is the hardest thing for me. Well, next to actually getting in to the gym I am paying for and not using. I need to take in way more water.

3. I am actually about to the point to where I can let myself have a night or two off from my latest obsession, Animal Crossing. Won't even go in to how bad that has been.

4. Clothes...mountains of clothes...have over taken parts of this house. I am very close to just tossing most of the piles out and starting fresh. I mean really, some of these clothes have not been worn...or even missed...in the past 6 months or more that they have been laying in the laundry room. My house coat is in there and I know for a fact I haven't used it lately since it has been about a million months since the temperature was actually cool enough around here for it. Of course, not only do we melt from the day's heat, it would seem that a good majority of my part of the world is on fire...literally.

5. Now that football season is in session once again, I hope to spend some quiet evenings getting back to my scrapping. I jumped in to that particular little adventure and took off only to squat and drop. I get ill thinking at how much money I spent on the toys, notice I didn't say wasted...never is wasted, as I will use it. I have grand visions of handmade Christmas cards this year and at the rate I am going they may be finished by Christmas of...2020. Man, two songs just popped in to my head with that thought. Why did the year 2020 sound so far away when I heard that song (in the year 2525, if man is still alive...was part of the lyrics) but now it seems so very near? Back on topic...scrapping. I did buy some paper and will get my Cricut out this weekend to cut out lots and lots of 3 inch circles to send to my oldest daughter. She rarely asks me to do anything for her...a very independent sort she is...but she did ask me to make these for her class room to use with the math game boards.

Okay, other than that, my budget has been hit hard for larger items. I know have a car payment for my new (okay its a 2007, but new to me) Nissan Quest. Along with it goes gas payments, then insurance, youngest daughter is getting confirmed, next round of figure skating classes are starting soon (for youngest daughter) also had to buy her a new flute.

It never ends.

I guess that is about it for now. Will post more this weekend. For now, it is time for a nice warm bath (warmth to relax, certainly not because it is cold) and then to bed. The fires have the air quality in the "Beyond horrible" range and it is sure doing a number on my throat, nose and ears. I AM SO READY FOR WINTER.


  1. Angel Food Ministries
    wants to remind everyone that the deadline for ordering is Monday, Sept 14th, 2009. Get your orders in before the deadline. Also don't forget the online coupon codes. "10FALLSP1" gives 10% off the Special box #1 of Angel Food. "SeptSig5" gives 5% off a signature box of Angel Food.

  2. Well at least you're still alive... I was beginning to wonder as I've sent FOUR emails now that haven't been answered. Miss hearing from you a LOT!